MIG Probes

2017 MIG Trials Program

In 2017 the Main Trial Site is located at Dempster’s farm on Tomkins Road, South Mingenew.

MTS – Main Trial Site

HLTS – Heavy Land Trial Site

  Number Trial Name Location Company
Soils and Nutrition
1 01MIG17 Combatting non wetting soils – ripper comparison Dempster MIG, WMG project
2 02MIG17 Long Term fallow management trial IRS MIG
3 03MIG17 Soil Wetters and deep ripping Kelly Steve Davies, DAFWA
4 04MIG17 Mouldboard ploughing depth Harding WMG project
5 05MIG17
6 06MIG17 Lime incorporation effects on soil nutrients and pH Horwood AgLime, CSBP, Precision Soil Tech, MIG
7 07MIG17 Non wetting soils Gillam MIG, WMG project
8 08MIG17 Non wetting soils – Nutrition Kelly MIG,Liebe Group Nutrition project
9 09MIG17 Detecting N,P,K,S Nutrient deficiencies using UAV Technology Holmes COGGO project
10 10MIG17 Tactical N MTS Christine Zaucou DAFWA
11 11MIG17 N & P Wheat McTaggarts MIG
12 12MIG17 N, K, disease in wheat MTS CSBP
13 13MIG17 P K Lupins MTS Summitt
14 MIG17 Soil treatment options, NUFAB Koric Nufab, Steve Davies DAFWA
15 14MIG17 N , Variety in Wheat & Barley HLTS Summitt
16 15MIG17 Wheat variety Demo Thomas MIG
17 16MIG17 Wheat variety Demo Gillam MIG
18 17MIG17 Wheat variety Demo Duane MIG
19 18MIG17 Wheat variety Demo Horwood MIG
20 19MIG17 Wheat variety Trial HLTS MIG
21 20MIG17 Wheat NVT MTS Living Farm
22 21MIG17 Barley Variety Demo Bagley MIG
23 22MIG17
24 23MIG17 Barley NVT MTS Living Farm
25 MIG17 Oat variety Trial MTS
26 24MIG17 RR Canola Variety Demo Mitchell MIG
27 25MIG17 RR Canola Variety Demo McTaggart MIG
28 26MIG17 RR Canola Variety Demo Horwood MIG
29 27MIG17 TT Canola Variety Demo Cobley MIG
30 28MIG17
31 29MIG17
32 30MIG17 RR Canola Variety Trial HLTS MIG
33 31MIG17 TT Canola Variety Trial HLTS MIG
34 32MIG17 RR Canola NVT MTS Living Farm
35 33MIG17 TT Canola NVT MTS Living Farm
36 34MIG17 Imi Canola NVT MTS Living Farm
37 36MIG17 Lupin Variety Demo Michael MIG
38 37MIG17 Lupin Variety Demo Cosgrove MIG
39 38MIG17 Narrow Leaf Lupin NVT MTS Living Farm
40 39MIG17 Field Pea CVT HLTS Living Farm
41 40MIG17  Chickpea CVT  HLTS  Living Farm
42 61MIG17  Chickpea Demo  Thomas  MIG
43 62MIG17 Chickpea Demo Spencer MIG
44 MIG17 Chickpea pre breeding trial Thomas Living Farm
Weeds and Disease 
45 41MIG17  Pre-Emergent options in Wheat  MTS  Bayer/Syngenta
46 42MIG17  Post-Emergent radish control in Wheat- Inseason  MIG
47 43MIG17
48 44MIG17  Pre-Emergent option in Canola  MTS  Bayer/Syngenta/Adama
49 45MIG17  Opportunistic powdery mildew in wheat  Ciara Beard, DAFWA
50 46MIG17  Opportunistic rust in wheat  Ciara Beard, DAFWA
51 47MIG17  Opportunistic sclerotinia in canola  Ciara Beard, DAFWA
52 48MIG17  Opportunistic sclerotinia in albus lupins  Ciara Beard, DAFWA
53 49MIG17  Anthracnose disease nursery  Delayed  AGT, Dini Ganesalingam
54 50MIG17  Chickpea herbicide tolerance  HLTS  Harmohinder, DAFWA
55 51MIG17  Chickpea crop topping  HLTS  Marty Harries, DAFWA
56 52MIG17
57  53MIG17  Fenceline residue trial  MTS  Steven Tilbrook, Nufarm
58  54MIG17
59  55MIG17
Pasture and Livestock 
60  56MIG17  Cell Grazing  Kupsch
61  57MIG17
62  58MIG17
63  59MIG17
64  60MIG17
Other Sites 
Improving spray fallow techniques for better moisture conservation,
better winter and summer weed control and more profitable grain crops
 Horwood  Grant Thompson, Crop Circle Consulting