MIG Probes

MIG Structure

As a grower-driven organisation, MIG needs to maintain strong links with its members. The Board plays a key role in determining the direction MIG to ensure it understands and meets members’ needs.

Current Board Members

Chairman: Ian Broad, Casurinas

Vice Chairman: Cliff Harding, Arrino

Secretary: Craig Forsyth, Irwin

Treasurer: Ben McTaggart, North Mingenew


  • Braden Bagley, Yandanooka
  • Daniel Michael, West Mingenew
  • Tim Dempster, Arrowsmith
  • Helen Newton, North East Mingenew
  • Nick Duane, Yandanooka, Arrino

The eight members are elected for a three year term by the MIG members, with three rotating through each year. This ensures a good mix of experienced and new board members sitting on the board at any one time.

MIG operates through its Research & Development Division and its Environmental Division. The division committees meet on a regular basis with project staff to provide feedback on progress, develop new themes and ideas for new projects and make sure that the growers are maintaining ownership of the growth and direction of their group.

Research and Development Committee

Chairman: Peter Horwood


  • Braden Bagley
  • Rob Campbell
  • Steve Cosh
  • James Dempster
  • Nick Duane
  • Peter Eliott-Lockhart
  • Rob Holmes
  • Owen Mann
  • Richard Marsland
  • Ben McTaggart
  • Luigi Moreschi
  • Scott Morgan
  • Juliet McDonald
  • Tony Rosser
  • Hugh Rowe
  • Steve Rowe
  • Ian Thomas

Enviro Committee

 Chairman: Rachel Bagshaw