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Corporate and Associate Membership

What is MIG?

The Mingenew-Irwin Group (MIG) provides locally focused agricultural research and development that delivers practical benefits to members. It is farmer-driven and has been trusted for over 15 years to deliver independent, timely and locally relevant information for farmers.

Direct benefits of being a MIG Corporate or Associate Member

There are numerous benefits from being a MIG member. We’ll kick off with the ‘BIG four benefits of your membership.

1. You’ll have access to targeted, localized research trials and demonstrations that address identified barriers to productivity and help increase farm profitability
2. You’ll receive results, relevant information and updates packaged and delivered to you, making sure your valuable time is spent focusing on the things that really matter to the bottom line of your business
3. You’ll learn with some of the most progressive farmers in WA, ensuring that your current thinking is challenged by seeing how MIG farmers are using practical and innovative approaches to stay ahead of the pack
4. You’ll get direct access to some of Australia’s leading researchers to make sure you’re part of the future of agriculture

What you’ll get as part of your MIG membership package

Being a MIG Corporate or Associate member means you’ll be part of one of Australia’s leading, grower-owned, agricultural groups. In your annual membership package you’ll get:

• Exclusive, free hard copy of the annual trials result book “Highlights of Farming Systems Research” covering a wide variety of trials and demonstrations conducted on all soil types from high to low rainfall in the Mingenew and Irwin Shires
• Access to back issues of the trials booklets and other publications
• Exclusive invitation to attend ‘members only’ workshops and educational forums covering agriculture and NRM
• Free entry to the MIG Research Update and Trials Review, Field Walks and Field Days
• Free copies of Field Day booklets
• A fortnightly email of local and regional current events and information in the “MIG LINKS”;
• A quarterly“MIG Newsletter” loaded with relevant, timely information, as well as project updates and R&D progress;
• An exclusive in-season “MIG Tech Memo”, providing members with relevant technical information;
• An exclusive “Harvest Tech Memo” providing members with yield and basic analytical data straight off the header front;

To join MIG, complete the relevant form (at the bottom) and send through to MIG via either:

MIG Associate Membership Form 2016

MIG Corporate Membership Form 2016